rewards you for every purchase you make! How?

With the new customer reward system which returns points for every euro you spend!

Take advantage NOW by collecting as many points as possible by making the following simple moves:

  1. Locate the products you are interested in and add them to your cart
  2. Log in to your account (or Create one - it's Free of course)
  3. Complete your order & collect points (1 € = 1 point). Keep buying and collect as many points as possible (at least 100).
  4. Redeem your points in your next purchases with the push of a button.

In detail...

How do you earn points?

With every purchase you make you earn as many points as the euros you pay (excluding shipping costs). If, for example, you make a purchase worth 50€, you automatically earn 50 points.

The points you earn after each purchase are stored and added up. The more you shop the more you earn! To take advantage of the discounts you must have collected at least 100 points, which you can redeem in your next purchase.
Minimum order amount for credit points: 20 euros

The participation of our customers in the reward system does not imply any burden on them. Our customers benefit for free and only if they wish to. The participation of our customers in the offer presupposes the unconditional acceptance of current terms and conditions.

How do you redeem the points you collect?
Redemption of points is easy! You do not receive coupons or use passwords. All you have to do is press the Redemption points button before confirming your next order and you will automatically see the cost decrease, depending on the points you have.
Minimum order amount for redemption of points: 20 euros

Redemption of points can be done only when you have completed the required number of points (at least 100) from your previous purchases. For this reason, the "Redemption of points" option in step 5 is NOT always visible, except when it is possible to redeem your points.

How are you informed about the number of points you have collected?
After each purchase, you will be automatically sent an email with the number of points you just earned for your current order, but also with the number of points you have collected from all your orders.
You can also see how many points you have collected on the My Cart page just before completing an order (step 5).

How do the points you redeem translate into euros?
You save in euros 3% of the points you have collected. That is, every 100 points you get back 3 euros for the whole of your next order, 200 points return 6 euros, 300 points return 9 euros and so on.

Restrictions & other information

  • Points can be collected ONLY by registered customers of who make online purchases through the website
  • Shipping costs are NOT taken into account in the calculation of the points you earn with each of your purchases.
  • The points are credited upon completion of your respective order and can be used from your next purchase.
  • No points are credited for orders that are canceled or returned.
  • Points are personal and cannot be transferred to another person / account.
  • New points are credited even to the order in which you redeem reward points for the amount you have left to pay.
  • There is no time limit for using your points. You may lose your points in the event of a termination of the reward system by Behomestores or in the event of a deletion of your account or if you violate these terms and conditions.
  • The points you have accumulated are in no way exchanged for cash, even after the end of the reward system. In case of system termination, your non-redeemed points are deleted and you have no claim for them against Behomestores.
  • In case of cancellation of your order or withdrawal, the points corresponding to it are deducted from the total number of points you have accumulated, if they have already been added, otherwise they are not added.
  • Behomestores reserves the right to freely, unilaterally and without notice modify these terms and conditions of participation of our members in the reward system. The posting on this website alone is sufficient for any new term and condition to enter into force, or the modification or abolition of an existing term and condition for the participation of our members in the reward system.