There are two ways to receive your order at You can either pick it up at your door or from our main warehouse at the 21st km of Lavriou Avenue, Karella Station, 19400 Koropi. If you choose to pick up from the warehouse then you are not charged with shipping costs regardless of the cost of your order.

All orders start processing the next business day (Saturday and Sunday are not considered business days). In case the products you have selected are not immediately available, your order will be shipped exactly on the day we collect the products.

If we encounter a problem in processing your order (such as a lack of a product from the manufacturer), one of our representatives will call you on the contact phone number you have provided, in order to find a solution for the best possible service.

If, for any particular reason, you request your order earlier, you can call us to see how we can modify it so that you have it as soon as possible.